Virent earns EPA registration for renewable gasoline

By Staff | September 25, 2014

Virent Inc. has received fuel registration from the U.S. EPA for its BioForm gasoline in blends of up to 45 percent. As a registered fuel, Virent’s biogasoline can now be used in on-highway motor vehicles.

“Securing EPA registration of our BioForm gasoline is further confirmation of Virent’s high quality drop-in fuel and is another step towards commercializing our technology to produce renewable fuels and chemicals from biobased feedstocks,” said Lee Edwards, CEO and president of Virent.

The BioForm gasoline was produced by Virent at its 10,000-gallon-per-year demonstration plant in Madison, Wisconsin. The biofuel was blended with conventional gasoline and underwent testing at the Southwest Research Institute. Results showed that emissions from the blended fuel were well below the maximum permitted by current regulations. EPA testing work was funded by Virent partner Royal Dutch Shell.