GIB supports London AD facilities

By Staff | June 25, 2014

Two U.K. Green Investment Bank-supported anaerobic digestion projects in London are progressing. In late April, GIB announced that the TEG Biogas plant in Dagenham has officially begun operations. The plant is the first project GIB invested in, via its Foresight-managed fund. The facility can produce 1.4 MW of electricity each year, which is being sold to the National Grid. Approximately 1.15 MW of residual heat produced at the plant will be used by a nearby plastic bottle recycling operation.

In May, GIB announced a £7.5 million ($12.63 million) commitment in a separate £15 million anaerobic digestion and green waste composting plant under development in Enfield, just outside London. The investment is being made by Foresight, one of GIB’s fund managers.

Construction on the plant was expected to begin in June, with full operations reached during the spring of 2016. Once operational, the plant will process 30,000 metric tons of food waste per year, sourced from hotel, restaurant, retail trade and local food manufacturers. According to GIB, the facility is expected to generate 7,400 MWh of renewable electricity each year.