Proposed Nebraska project to produce biomass fuel, energy

By Staff | June 25, 2014

A proposed project under development by Southwest Renewable Resources aims to develop a unique biomass production facility and up to 25 MW of bioenergy capacity in South Sioux City, Neb.

The planned facility would house a manufacturing operation for SSR’s patent-pending Southwest Renewable Fuel. The resulting fuel would be fed directly into a cogeneration power unit. The exact size of that unit has not yet been determined, with 15 MW and 25 MW configurations currently being considered.

SRR’s biofuel is a mix of biomass and polyethylene plastic. According to Tracy Willson, senior partner of SRR, the fuel is waterproof. In addition to wood and other types of cellulosic biomass, the process can also incorporate nonrecyclable municipal solid waste.

Earlier this year, the Nebraska cities of South Sioux City, Wakefield and Wayne, along with the Northeast Public Power District, entered a memorandum of understanding with SRR. The four public entities and SRR have agreed to work together to supply electricity to the three cities and NPPD via the biomass-fired cogeneration system.