Joint venture to implement gas-to-liquids technology using landfill gas

By Staff | June 05, 2014

A new joint venture formed by WM Organic Growth Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Waste Management Inc., NRG GTL Holdings, VPI LF-GTL LLC and Velocys Inc. aims to produce renewable fuels and chemicals from biogas and biogas using smaller-scale gas-to-liquids (GTL) technology.

The joint venture’s first facility is under development. It will be located at Waste Management’s East Oak site in Oklahoma. According to WM, the joint venture intends to make a final decision to proceed on the first plant this year. Engineering and design work is substantially complete. In addition, final draft permitting documents have been submitted. Development activities for additional facilities are expected to commence soon.

Waste Management previously built and operated a smaller-scale GTL demonstration unit at the East Oak landfill. That demonstration unit has accumulated more than 10,000 hours of successful operation.