Valmet to equipment to bioenergy project in Finland

By Valmet Corp. | May 05, 2014

Turun Seudun Energiantuotanto Oy (TSE) has chosen Valmet Corp. as the boiler supplier for their upcoming power plant in Naantali, Finland. The new power plant is scheduled to start up in the autumn of 2017.

Valmet's delivery will include a fluidized circulating bed (CFB) boiler and flue gas cleaning equipment. The steam capacity of the boiler plant will be 390 MW. The total estimated cost of TSE's power plant investment is EUR 260 million. The share of the boiler in this kind of projects is typically one third of the total investment. The order is included in Valmet's second quarter 2014 orders received.

The investment will replace an old coal power plant that has been operating for 50 years in Naantali and provides an opportunity to increase renewable fuels in power generation. The new power plant will also enable to fulfil the new IEA emissions directive, which will come into effect in the European Union at the beginning of 2016.

"The power plant investment enables energy efficient, combined electricity and heat production by using renewable fuels. Our target is to maximize the use of domestic fuels in our power generation. While being more independent in fuel supply, we will also be able to affect local employment in a positive way," said Tapani Bastman, managing director of TSE

"This order will play an important role as a reference of boiler technology supplied by Valmet. The delivery will include a large-scale multi-fuel plant, which is designed to generate power by also using bio fuels at an extremely high efficiency ratio," said Jyrki Holmala, president of the Pulp and Energy Business Line at Valmet.

The power plant will be able to use wood, straw, peat, coal, and solid recovered fuel (RSF) produced from waste as fuels. According to plans, wood chips collected within a 100-150 kilometer distance from the power plant will form the main bio fuel. The plant will use approximately 0.7 million solid cubic meters of wood chips annually. Later on the amount of wood chips may be as high as 1.2 million solid cubic meters annually.

Construction of the new power plant is scheduled to start toward the end of 2014. Once finalized, the annual production at the power plant will be 900 gigawatt hours (GWh) of electricity and 1,650 gigawatt hours (GWh) of heat. The electrical power of the plant will be 142 MW, and thermal power 244 MW.