Cool Planet breaks ground on Project Genesis commercial-scale plant

By Staff | April 30, 2014

Cool Planet Energy Systems has broken ground on its first commercial facility. The project, known as Project Genesis, is located in Alexandria, La. and will take in wood residue as feedstock. The plant is designed to produce 10 MMgy of high-octane renewable gasoline blendstocks. The plant will also produce biochar.

The company has noted its technology has the capability to be carbon negative. Biochar produced via the process sequesters carbon. When used as a soil amendment, trials have shown the Cool Terra biochar product results in yield improvement of more than 50 percent with significant reductions in fertilizer and water use.

Permits have been received to begin earthwork and grading on the project, with construction expected to follow immediately. The plant will be located at the Port of Alexandria on the Red River Waterway. The site was chosen because of its biomass availability, interstate and rail access, and direct barge access to refineries.