Audi, Global Bioenergies partner on drop-in fuels

By Staff | April 03, 2014

Global Bioenergies has signed a two-year collaboration agreement with German car manufacturer Audi for development of high-performance biofuel for gasoline engines. The agreement focuses on isobutene-derived isooctane.

According to Global Bioenergies, it is developing a process for the direct and cost-efficient transformation of renewable resources into light olefins. Its most advanced program is on the production of biobased isobutene, a molecule that can be transformed into isooctane, a drop-in biofuel with an octane rating of 100.

“We had recently announced the start of our precommercial pilot phase at the Fraunhofer [Center for Chemical-Biotechnological Processes] in Leuna allowing production of high-purity isobutene that can be used for different applications. One crucial point of our collaboration with Audi will consist of supplying them with isooctane derived from isobutene produced at our pilot plant. Furthermore, the collaboration with Audi will enable us to emphasize even more the usage of sustainable feedstock,” said Thomas Buhl, head of business development at Global Bioenergies.