Use of solid biomass continues to increase in Europe

By Staff | March 27, 2014

EurObserv’ER has published its annual Biomass Barometer, reporting that primary energy production from solid biomass increased to 82.5 million metric tons of oil equivalent (Mtoe) in Europe during 2012. The European Union produced 79.5 terawatt hours (TWh) of electricity from solid biomass in 2012 and consumed 68 Mtoe of heat from solid biomass.

The E.U. consumed an estimated 15.1 million metric tons of wood pellets in 2012, with worldwide consumption estimated between 22.4 million metric tons and 24.5 million metric tons.

E.U. member states produced 10.5 million metric tons of wood pellets in 2012, up from 9.5 million metric tons the prior year. EurObserv’ER estimates that approximately 30 percent of the E.U.’s pellet consumption came from imported sources in 2012 and that the U.S. exported about 1.764 million metric tons of pellets to Europe. Canada’s exports were estimated at 1.346 million metric tons for the year.


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