ASABE announces international standards project for biomass fuels

By American Society for Agricultural and Biological Engineers | March 07, 2014

 The American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers has announced that the international community has approved a new International Organization for Standardization project to develop a standard for thermally treated and densified biomass fuels.

The document, designated ISO 17225-8 will define the fuel quality classes and specifications of graded, densified, solid biofuels produced from thermally treated biomass. It will cover pellets and briquettes from various raw materials and will apply to fuels intended for either industrial or non-industrial use. This project is currently at the working draft (WD) stage.

ASABE is accredited by the American National Standards Institute as the administrator for the U.S. technical advisory group to the ISO committee on solid biofuels, TC 238, which was established in response to growing global trade in the subject commodities. Individuals, companies, or organizations interested in joining the committee or wishing additional details regarding ISO 17225-8 may contact Kristopher Schock at ASABE,