New York launches biomass thermal initiative for heating technologies

By Staff | March 14, 2014

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo has released plans to launch a biomass heating initiative as part of his 2014 agenda. The program, Renewable Heat NY, would aim to raise consumer awareness in its first year and develop larger-scale anchor customers that energy firms need to begin the transition of their heating oil delivery fleet to bulk biomass.

The program will also facilitate workforce training and manufacturer support for field testing, equipment certification and early-stage product development. A state policy roadmap will be issued to assist in accelerating the use of biomass heating using efficient, low-emission technologies. It will also identify pilot products that are well-suited for biomass conversion.

In addition, the program will offer a competitive grant program to communities and will aim to develop long-term, reasonably priced private sector financing to cover the up-front cost of qualified biomass heating systems in buildings outside the municipal sector.