CBI supplies equipment to Rentech facilities

By Staff | March 14, 2014

Continental Biomass Industries Inc. has announced it is building three flail debarking and chipping systems for Rentech Inc.’s Canadian wood pellet facilities. The equipment is scheduled to be installed this spring.

Rentech is converting two decommissioned wood fiberboard mills in Ontario for pellet production. As part of the conversion of these facilities, the CBI systems will deliver uniform microchips of 6 to 8 millimeters in size in a dingle pass. The microchips can immediately be dried and milled into feedstock for pellet manufacturing.

Two of the systems will be installed at Rentech’s Wawa, Ontario, plant. The third system will be located at the company’s Atikokan, Ontario, facility.

“Traditionally, debarking and chipping in front of a pellet operation has been done with drum debarkers and disc chippers,” said Anders Ragnarsson, founder and president of CBI. “These systems are overall more expensive and have a tougher time debarking frozen wood.”